Having personally experienced the interim chef market place for a number of years, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen during our time on the circuit.g-fruit jelly

This is why we’ll always try to get you the best deal, but in exchange for this we expect high levels of integrity, respect & commitment. If you can’t make it to assignment, tell us, so we can inform the client and make alternative arrangements.

For many years has been ahead of the curve, in relation to the systems that were used by interim chefs. Transparent invoicing, chef’s own terms of business and integrating superior hygiene procedures with clients, are just a few of the original ideas which have led to a hard earned reputation.

This level of innovation & care is paramount in the world of business & has a duty towards the clients that use us- it is vital that this is maintained. And so for that reason, before we’ll introduce any chef to a client we expect you to complete an application form, and supply the following information:

  •  An upto date CV
  • 2 References
  • An UTR number (if you’re self employed) or an NI number

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