Why I don’t work with Commis chefs

As I’m getting asked on a regular basis about this, I decided to write a post on the subject.

Unlike other recruiters, I don’t deal with Commis chef positions, for several very good reasons.

It’s not ethical

I don’t feel that I should be charging a business a four figure sum for somebody who is just starting out, & has a very good chance that they may not last. Secondly on this point, Commis chefs rarely have a background that can demonstrate to a potential future employer what type of person & chef they are.

Demonstrate aptitude

I don’t deal with Commis chefs, because there is such a shortage coming into the industry, that they’ll have their pick of jobs. My advice: Download one of the free restaurant/hotel guide apps & approach potential employers. Amongst other things this demonstrates an aptitude, a willingness to work on your own & under your own initiative. All very desirable qualities in a junior member of staff. Using an agent just reinforces the appearance that you’re lazy.

The Future

By all means if you’ve got a couple of years under your belt, approach me & I’ll do my best to help you with your next step. I’ll talk with you about the future, where you are now, where you want to be and possible avenues on how to get you there. Commis chefs can rarely see past the next pay day & such, their plans are often short sighted leading to them leaving the industry, because they can’t deal with the demands.

After reading this and you still want to use an agent to find you a job, please look elsewhere. I invest time in my candidates, trying to find the best solution to their needs, I don’t trade them like a commodity or a modern day slave.

I do hope this helps.